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The Jump Off Point: The Little A'Le'Inn - Rachel Nevada

The first time I visited Rachel Nevada was in 2001 during the 'Great Atomic Boom Tour 2001'
That tour will be the subject of another page, someday. Little has changed over the 12 years
and the Little A'le'Inn is still there, still serving GOOD EATS and keeping the dreams alive.

GPS mapping, camping, and heat-shielding blinkets have come a long way in past few years.
If you think about movement censors (airborne and in-ground), thermo scopes, and White Trucks
you'll know what I mean.
THEY have always said: 'There is more than one way to skin a cat' bit I have to wonder
Who are the THEY we keep hearing about? And why do THEY want to skin cats - that's just sick.

12 Years - and little changes - on the ET hightway - Just south of Area 51

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