Digital Banking and Cash Flow
Scotia BankTD BankM BanxTD-Canada TrustRoyal Bank Canadian MSL Listings

TSE:Alient TSE:Bell Canada TSE:Nortel

Access HP - Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
IBM Corporation

Microsoft Seagate Tech Support Creatice Labs ATI Display DriversDigital Cameras Intel
Best hardware Prices - ICE (Gord)

Sillicon Graphics Inc (SGI)
Cool Fun - Main Frame Welcome To Silicon Surf

Stratus Computer JumpPoint HBF Group

SUN - Canada Sun Microsystems

Sympatico Sympatico: Contact Us ISISnet Atlantic Connect
HotWired! iSTAR internet inc.

Coastal Watch Disaster Recovery Journal Panasonic
Roswell Roswell Cyberspace Computer Book Store
Sony Online

3Com Corporation Cisco Systems Novell, Inc.

PC Software
Corel The Home of Perl Mcafee antivirus
The SlaughterHouse Games Happy Puppy's Games
Screen Saver Central

SCO: Welcome to SCO!
Linux: Red Hat Inc The Linux Documentation Project Home Page

Maritime Tel & Tel Home Page Stentor
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Government Sites

Canada and Canadians-in-Space:
Canadian Gov Home Page
Canadian Space Agency - RADARSAT Server - The Canadian Space Guide
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National Oceanographic Data Center
Library of Congress - US Federal Web Locator
US Intelligence Community - U.S. State Department Travel Warnings
United Nations Home Page and the World Health Organization
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GOES Projects
GOES Homepage is just that - the Home Of Goes and more info on GOES is at GOES Hot Stuff. The best image (by my standards) is at Current Weather Map and the Canadian one is at DOE Canada Satellite Images
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A1 Site: Forecast Weather Map Active Weather - Atlantic (faster) Active Weather - Atlantic (slow) DOE Eastern Color Full World Sat Image (250k gif)GOES 8 Latest IR GOES 8 Latest Visible GOES 8 Latest Water Vapor Lycos search: Weather Satellite Sea Temps
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Nasa and Related Sites
California Airspace Form
NASA Space Shuttle Web Archives
NASA Spacelink - An Electronic Information System for Educators
Space Warnings
Synchrotron Radiation Reseach Center
The NASA Astrophysics Data System Home Page
TOPSAR Home Page
UCAR Home Page (U-2)
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DARAP Net and other R & D:
AREA 51 Researh Center
Army Link
Army research FTP site
Articles and Publications
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
MIT Home Page
Naval Resaerch
Naval Research Laboratory
Project HAARP and research areas
Real Time SSEC Data
Synchrotron Radiation Reseach Center
The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Home Page
University of California, San Diego

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