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Local Services and Reference Points

HFX Jobpress Noramtec/GSA Archway Career Beacon Gerald Walsh MaxHire Aplin Randstad
Eagle Procom Drake Adecco ManPower PeopleBank
Carerrworx Caldwell KBRS Job Bank Talentworks MaxSys Brainhunter
Workopolis Monster National Post

Company: RIM Keane NSPI CGI Aliant Eastlink MicroSoft Quest Solution Inc
Sierra Systems Staples FX Trans Deloitte Manulife
City Prov Gov NSBI IWK Capital Health Feds
ACJ AC IMP PA WJ UN Lockeed Martin AV Canada

Canada: Ajilon JDI Dockyard JDI Personal (Irving) Career Builder
Lists: Job Junction Spectrum NS Online R-Courier

Other Links: NS Gov InfoWorking in the US More Working in the US

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